Drew Barrymore Reveals She Is Preparing To Elaborate Her ‘Wild Child’ Past Story To Her Daughter!!

Drew Barrymore has cemented herself as a wholesome entrepreneur, actress, and producer over the past few years. However, she knows that she’ll have to uncover her past to her daughters one day. 

Everybody has a past they would like to forget when they’ve turned over a new leaf in life. Unfortunately, when you are a celebrity, it may be more challenging to put everything behind you.

This is the case for Drew Barrymore, who had a colorful childhood and an even more chaotic time as a teenager. The Hollywood icon recently explained how she would ensure her daughters learn about her wild past.

Barrymore was born into the industry with a family of actors to ease her into the spotlight. Consequently, she was in a commercial when she turned eleven months and was a movie star by seven.

Unfortunately, the early exposure to stardom and freedom as a child put her on a dangerous path. She was addicted to drugs by the time she turned twelve, cut her wrists at thirteen, and was emancipated at fourteen.

Barrymore has been candid with her fans about her life journey, including being the ultimate party girl at eight years old. She has even taken the time to reflect on some of her actions in past interviews:

“I was probably chasing joy, but I don’t think it was the real joy. I was just too young to know.”

Barrymore’s openness with her fans is also something that she plans on adopting with her children. She has explained many times that she does not intend to hide her truths away from her daughters.

In fact, she recently admitted that she is already preparing her children for the day they find out about her past. The actress touched on this during an interview with “American Pie” star Jason Biggs.

Barrymore revealed that she is constantly making her daughters aware that they will see a different side of her at some point. However, she also cuts herself some slack during these conversations by explaining:

​​ “Because that’s the other thing—you don’t know you’re going to be a parent one day when you’re figuring it all out.”

Although dealing with her children holding her accountable for her past is stressful, Barrymore still has wonderful things to say about motherhood. The actress expressed that motherhood is the most fulfilling experience for her.

Barrymore shares daughters Olive and Frankie with her third ex-husband, Will Kopelman. The two who were married between 2012 and 2016 seem to have a healthy co-parenting relationship at the moment.


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