Drivers could appeal yellow box penalty and win as motorists fined £5m a year
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Drivers could appeal yellow box penalty and win as motorists fined £5m a year

Nobody likes getting a penalty for a driving offence, but sadly it happens a lot.

According to Transport for London (TfL), a whopping 76,977 fines were issued for yellow box junction incidents in 2020.

The junctions were created to prevent congestion and keep traffic flowing safely.

Drivers aren’t allowed to stop in them and if it happens they could be fined a lot of money.

There are times where you can stop in the junction, if you’re waiting to turn right and can’t do so because of oncoming traffic.

The good news is that you can appeal a yellow box junction penalty, depending on a number of factors.

Patrick Duckworth from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) shared his advice on how to appeal, reports Mirror Online.

There are so many ways to receive a parking ticket these days

Instructions will be included with the PCN for how to “make representations” to the authority.

If the authority rejects your challenge, you will then be able to appeal to an independent adjudicator.

For Wales – and soon to be England (outside London) – the adjudicator for moving traffic restrictions is the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Caroline Sheppard, TPT’s Chief Adjudicator, said: “It will be critically important for authorities to think about what the driver – not the camera – can see when reviewing the footage before issuing a box junction penalty.”

She added: “It is not an absolute offence just to stop in the box, but this misconception gives rise to so many unjustified PCNs.

“The Adjudicators would like to see warning notices issued to motorists for first-time contraventions for a reasonable period after enforcement begins at a yellow box junction.”

Many drivers worry about penalties for being caught in the yellow box junction, but you can appeal if you don’t think it’s fair.

There are a number of ways to appeal depending on where you live.

Car in a yellow box junctions
You can appeal yellow box junctions charges

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England (outside London) and Wales: Contact the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, where appeals for moving traffic PCNs, as well as for parking, bus lane and other traffic penalties, can be completed online from start to finish.

London: Contact London Tribunals.

Scotland: Contact Parking and Bus Lane Appeals (PBLA), General Regulatory Chamber, First-tier Tribunal for Scotland.

Northern Ireland: Contact the Northern Ireland Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

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