Drivers could get £5m back in fines as ‘UK’s busiest speed camera branded faulty’

According to police, Britain’s busiest speed camera in the country is faulty and now authorities are facing pressure from a drivers’ group to repay over £5 million in fines.

The dreaded camera is located on a dual carriage way on Maybray King Way in Southampton, Hants.

The 30mph limit camera managed to catch 51,049 people driving over the limit between 2015 and 2017, with the minimum fine starting at £100.

This is believed to have racked up to more than £5million.

However, Hampshire police has now revealed it has been recording incorrect readings of vehicles with a ‘high flat rear’.

Authorities are facing pressure from a drivers’ group to repay over £5 million in fines

This has led to a drivers’ organisation calling on authorities to refund every driver fined as a result of being recorded by the camera.

Two other drivers have also proved they were incorrectly penalised.

One of the unfortunate drivers, Nathan Thompson, says he could have lost his job because of the incident.

According to LadBible, he said: “If I was in a hire car or a work car and from outside the area and I didn’t have proof of going 25mph I’d have had to pay it, so I wonder how many other people have been in a similar situation with that camera, as it’s the most profitable in the country.

“If I didn’t have the evidence that I was going 25mph, then it would have ended up with me going to court. I’d have lost my job.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson commented: “We are aware of an issue with the camera on Maybray King Way, which can lead to incorrect readings with vehicles with a high flat rear.

“Our Summary Justice Unit has thorough processes in place to ensure that we prevent any incorrect prosecutions occurring.

“There have been two cases in which we have identified this issue and have stopped proceedings.”

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