Drunk woman accidentally swaps clutch bag for Nissan car hand book on night out

After a heavy night out we’ve all felt that sinking feeling when we realise we’ve misplaced or lost something – whether it was your phone, wallet or even your whole bag.

But, one woman couldn’t believe what had happened when she woke up and realised her clutch bag was not in her home, reports the Mirror.

She still had the bag when she got a lift home from a pal’s mum, but it turned out that instead of grabbing her clutch when she got out of the car she picked something else up.

The car’s hand book…

We’re sure her mate’s mum wasn’t best please when she realised!

The woman’s sister, Rebekka, outed her antics on Twitter after posting a snap of the grey leather Nissan pouch which contained important documents and the car manual.

She wrote alongside the image: “My sister got so drunk last night, she got a lift home with a friends mum and she thought she picked up her clutch bag but instead she’s taken the car logbook.”

Rebekka later added: “It was her birthday party so she had every right to get in this state hahaha.”

The tweet quickly went viral with over 52,000 likes and 2,000 retweets.

And, it was even reposted to Instagram where it garnered 177,000 likes and left people howling.

She’d left her bag behind in the car and grabbed the hand book

One person commented: “That’s brilliant! My sister once took home a hanging basket and left her bag outside the pub.”

While another wrote: “Made me laugh uncontrollably! She’s a legend.”

And a third said: “This is undoubtedly one of the funniest things I’ve seen.”

While another added: “That’s a hand book. You don’t keep the log book in the car.”

Either way, it gave us a laugh.

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