Drunk woman gets into hilarious dance battle with stranger at petrol station

Everyone loves a good boogie, especially when you’ve had a tipple or two.

However, one partier took this to the next level by challenging a complete stranger to a dance off at a petrol station.

TikTok user @mariadugan shared the hilarious clip of her friend Julia and captioned the video: “Drunken dance battle.”

Maria added: “When your best friend is drunk and dance battles a random guy at the gas station.”

Julia is seen in a long black dress challenging a random man to a late night dance off.

Impressively, she dances without music and still manages to get really into it.

The hilarious dance off has gone viral on TikTok
(Image: mariadugan/TikTok)

Her friend can be heard shouting words of encouragement from the background.

In hysterics, they suggest: “Julia twerk on him.”

Although Julia did not grind on the stranger, she gave him a run for his money by attempting an arm wave and other questionable moves.

Her friends can be heard giggling loudly in the background of the viral clip, which has now racked up 5.9 million views and 1.3 million likes.

The hilarious dance off has gone viral on TikTok
Everyone wants to go on a night out with Julia!
(Image: mariadugan/TikTok)

TikTok users rushed to the comments to share their opinions on Julia’s drunken antics.

One user said: “He had no idea what he was up against.”

Another user commented: “The fact she didn’t fall flat on the floor is a miracle and pure talent to me.”

A third person added: “Imagine waking up the next morning asking your friends what you did.”

Next time we are going out, we are going out with Julia!


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