Drunk woman left embarrassed after boozy ‘spotlight’ blunder in nightclub

We’ve all had our moments on a night out which we would rather forget – remember these nightclub photo fails?

For some of us, we attempt to store those cringe worthy moments at the back of our minds, but others post their blunders on TikTok.

One woman did just this, after her party antics got a little out of hand attracting the attention of the club bouncers.

Under the TikTok username @louie6260 , the woman shared a clip of her dancing on a ledge at a nightclub where she was truly living her “best life.”

Picturing herself as the main character of the night, the party goer believed she was selected by the spotlight because of her alluring dance moves.

The woman believes the attention is on her for all the right reasons

But, unlike a scene out of Coyote Ugly, the woman was not cheered on by punters and was not received well by the bouncers either.

Instead of being the shining star of the club under the spotlight, the woman was actually shone upon by a security flashlight.

She added text to the video that explained: “That one time I thought the club had a spotlight on me hyping me up but it was a security flashlight telling me to get down or I’d be kicked out.”

In the viral clip that has racked up 6.1 million views, the woman can be seen busting her best moves under the light before she steps down and shrugs her shoulders.

woman in club
The woman finally realises the real reason she is under the ‘spotlight’

Hilariously, the woman captioned the post: “The DJ also told me to get the F down oops.”

Encouraging the woman, people fled to the comments to boost her confidence over the nightclub blunder.

One person commented: “He basically gave you a strobe you did what you had to.”

Another user added: “You really were the main character that night.”

Whilst a third person said: “This really is embarrassing, embarrassing for the security and the DJ because you were killing it!”

Someone else related to the clubbing mishap: “ withI’ve done the same thing before, went from feeling on top of the world to anxious as heck.”

A fifth user stated: “ Why do they have a problem w this it’s literally hot.”

Let us know in the comments the most ‘embarrassing’ thing you have done on a boozy night out!


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