Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman Is Preparing For His Wedding!

Dog The Bounty Hunter is preparing to walk down the aisle in the next few weeks, and just nailed down one of the most important parts of the day…his tuxedo!

Duane Chapman’s fiancee, Francie Frane, shared a picture of the Dog outside of a local tuxedo shop near the couple’s Colorado home, pointing out that the reality star is almost ready for his big day!

“We’re Getting Ready !!!!!,” Frane captioned the photo. In the heartwarming pictures, Dog is posing in front of the tuxedo store’s sign with a giant grin on his face. It’s clear as day that the big guy is pumped about his upcoming wedding.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Getting Married!


The ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ star broke the news earlier this week that he is getting married in September. The reality star joined an episode of the ‘Two Guys From Hollywood’ podcast where he announced the couple will tie the knot on September 2. “We went to the venue yesterday, picked it out,” he said. Adding, “Man it cost a lot to get married.”

As you know, Dog lost his longtime wife — Beth Chapman — to cancer in June 2019. The reality star later met his current fiancee who also lost her husband — Bob — to the same disease. “I felt very bad about even wanting to have someone else after Beth,” he said at the time.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Prepares For Upcoming Wedding, Spotted Tuxedo Shopping!

He continued, “When I went to look in the bible in Genesis and found out how Adam got Eve as I was going to find the exact story I saw the scripture that said God does not want a man to be alone. That he knows we need a companion, whether we’re man or woman.”

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wedding To Be Nationally Televised?!

Of course, a ton of fans flooded Francie’s Instagram page, sending positive messages to the couple about their upcoming nuptials. “I hope it’s aired on TV!! Y’all need ur own show “Happiness in Healing,” one person wrote. It’s a good point…at this point, it’s unclear if the Dog’s big day will be featured on television — but many are hoping it will!

Dog The Bounty Hunter Prepares For Upcoming Wedding, Spotted Tuxedo Shopping!

“I couldn’t imagine him without Beth forever by his side but as my beautiful Mama said days before she passed “Life needs to continue & move forward.” We all see how happy the both of you are together & how each of your Angel spouses brought you together. ❤️ May you have a lifetime of good health & eternal happiness,” another fan said.

Unfortunately, the big announcement comes on the heels of Dog’s daughter — Cecily Chapman — claiming she has not received an invite to the big event. “I haven’t gotten an invite yet,” the 28-year-old told The Sun. “I’m assuming that he thinks I would want to be there. I didn’t even know there was a date until (the media) did a story about it. The good news, she says she would attend the nuptials if asked to be there.

Beth Chapman’s Family Will Be In Attendance

Dog The Bounty Hunter Prepares For Upcoming Wedding, Spotted Tuxedo Shopping!

Interestingly, she admitted, “I’ve never met Francie in my life” and says she has only seen her father twice since her mother’s funeral.

In the end, hopefully, everyone comes together for Dog and Francie’s big day!


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