Duggar & Caldwell Families IGNORE Kendra’s 23rd Birthday

On Wednesday, August 11, Kendra Caldwell Duggar celebrated her 23rd birthday. Counting On fans may know that Kendra married Joe Duggar on September 8, 2017. They share three-year-old Garrett David, one-year-old Addison Renee, and six-month-old Brooklyn Praise.

Kendra Duggar Instagram
Kendra Duggar Instagram

Though it was Kendra’s birthday, she received just one social media post from her family. Kendra’s in-laws, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, shared a story post, wishing her a happy birthday and calling her “sunshine every day.”

Instagram story posts are only visible for 24 hours, and they require an account to view. So, this isn’t really as meaningful as a permanent post on the Duggar family’s Instagram page.

Duggar Family Instagram

Kendra’s parents Paul and Christina Caldwell, didn’t share a social media post in honor of her birthday as they have done with their other children.

Duggar and Caldwell’s families go silent on social media

Of course, Duggar fans love keeping up with Kendra and Joe on social media, so they follow along there for updates about the family. But the couple hasn’t been sharing too much lately. The entire Duggar family has been pretty quiet recently, which fans and critics assume is due to Josh’s arrest.

As you may know, Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest son, Josh, were arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material. Now, he’s awaiting his trial, which is coming up on November 30.

As more information comes out about the case, the Duggar family is getting some negative attention. Maybe to limit the number of negative comments they receive, the family chooses not to post on social media as often. They have already limited the comments on their Instagram posts, which helps filter out some of the criticism they may receive.

For some reason, Kendra’s parents are seldom posting on social media anymore either. While they are connected to the Duggar family, the Caldwells don’t appear to do with Josh. It’s worth noting that Christina recently gave birth to her ninth child. So, maybe they are taking time off social media to care for their busy family.

It’s also possible that more family members will post about Kendra’s birthday if they have a get-together over the weekend. Maybe everyone couldn’t get together on Wednesday.

So, why do you think Kendra got barely any birthday wishes from the Duggar and Caldwell families? Let us know in the comments below.

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