Duggar Cousin Amy King Embarks On A ‘New Stage Of Motherhood’

Duggar cousin Amy King is feeling upbeat about what’s next for her as a mother. She and her husband Dillon share a son, Daxton Ryan, who will turn two years old in October. As he grows older, the mom is documenting all of the special moments of motherhood. Now, one door is closing as another opens.

Amy King Instagram

In a new social media post, Amy shared a couple of selfies of herself and Daxton. She writes, “Daxxy has stopped breastfeeding! I thought at first I was going to be really sad about it! But I’m actually so happy!! I enjoyed almost 2 years of “milky time” and I’m proud of what my body accomplished! I can already feel a huge difference too! I’m not eating everything in sight I’ve already lost some weight , and my energy is better than ever and my girls are back lol Excited for this new stage of motherhood!”

Duggar Cousin Amy King Instagram
Duggar Cousin Amy King Instagram

This isn’t the first time that Amy has shared about her breastfeeding. She recently posted photos from a family photo shoot, which included a few snaps of her nursing her son. In another more emotional post, she talked about packing away the baby items as her son grows up.

The Duggar cousin wrote:

“Such sweet memories of pumping , listening to praise and worship music and just having alone time in his nursery… sigh… Yes, those days are long and I didn’t even know what day it was or anything.”

Duggar fans applaud Amy King’s breastfeeding journey.

In response to her post, fans are congratulating her on making it this far on her breastfeeding journey with Daxton. They’re also proud of her for letting Daxton nurse as long as he wanted to and then wean when he was truly ready. Others are sharing their own ups and downs of nursing their children. They know it’s not easy, but they are glad Amy was able to do it for so long.

Thanks to social media, fans have had the opportunity to connect with Amy and see what’s going on in her life as a mom. They appreciate her honesty and openness as she navigates motherhood.

So, are you excited for what is next in Duggar cousin Amy King’s motherhood journey? Do you follow her on social media too? Let us know in the comments below.

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