Duggar Cousin Amy King Forgets How Old Her Son Is

Duggar cousin Amy King shared a sweet milestone post about her son Daxton, who’s almost two years old. Fans are loving her new update, and they think the redhead little boy is absolutely adorable. But fans were quick to notice that something wasn’t quite right in her new post.

In the new post, Amy shared a photo of herself and her husband Dillon holding her son Daxton’s hands. The snap was taken during a recent photo shoot the family had done. In addition to that photo, she shared a cute video of herself and Dillon walking and holding Daxton’s hands.

Amy King Instagram

In the caption, she wrote, “Our little built in best friend!” Then, she added, “I love no matter where we go we walk like this!”

Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

Wait, did Duggar cousin Amy King forget Daxton’s age?

When Amy first shared the post, she wrote, “Happy 22 months sweet boy!!” But she was corrected by a fan in the comments section of her post. The fan asked, “Isn’t he 23 months?”

In response, Amy said, “Ha omg time slow down you are right!”

Amy King Instagram

The follower later clarified that they weren’t trying to call Amy out. They explained that their daughter is a month younger than Daxton, so that’s why they noticed the incorrect age on Amy’s post.

Amy’s other followers are loving the new post and think that Daxton is growing up too quickly. They remember seeing pictures of him when he was still tiny. Now, he’s almost two years old. His birthday is October 9, so it’s coming up quickly. Amy has documented much of her son’s life on social media, letting her followers see what her life really looks like. Over the past couple of years, they’ve fallen in love with Daxton, even though they haven’t had a chance to meet him.

As he grows up, Amy has been documenting all kinds of milestones. She recently revealed that he has officially stopped breastfeeding. While she thought she would be sad about it, she’s now looking forward to what’s next. She wrote that she is “Excited for this new stage of motherhood!”

So, what do you think of Duggar cousin Amy King’s new post? Do you think her little mistake is pretty funny? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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