Duggar Fans Fear Family Will Disappear After ‘Counting On’ Cancelation

As most of the Duggar family’s fans and critics know, Josh was arrested earlier this year. As a result, TLC chose to cancel Counting On, meaning that fans now have just a few ways to keep up with the family.

Since the show was canceled, fans have had many questions about what the family’s life will look like now. For years, the family has made their money from the show. They have also been able to use the family’s name to be successful in other business ventures.

Anna Duggar Instagram

The Duggar family goes silent on social media.

Now, there are a lot of unknowns. Likely in response to Josh’s arrest, any members of the Duggar family have stopped posting on social media. Slowly, some of them have made their return to Instagram, but they are much less active than they were before the arrest and cancelation.

It looks like the different family members have decided to handle the cancelation in a variety of ways. For example, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been active on social media for a while. They are continuing to post their regular content, as well as promoting their book.

Jessa Seewald decided to share her birth story via YouTube and was able to monetize the videos. So, she’s making money even though Counting On is no longer airing.

On the other hand, Josiah and Lauren Duggar last posted for their daughter’s birthday in November, so it’s been nearly a year since we’ve heard from them.

Other family members, including John and Abbie, Joe and Kendra, and Justin and Claire are pretty quiet on social media too, but they still post here and there.

So, it looks like everyone is using the family’s name in a different way, and some are choosing not to use it at all.

Fans worry they won’t hear from many of the kids again.

A fan recently submitted a confession to the Instagram page, Duggar Bates Confessions. This page allows fans of the Duggars and Bates to submit anonymous confessions. In a new post, a fan expresses their concerns that Counting On will cause the family to “disappear.”

In response to the post, many other fans are chiming in to talk about what the family’s social media presence may look like going forward. Some users think the family might be relieved to be out of the public eye now. One adds that they wouldn’t make any announcements now that they are no longer on TV.

Someone else writes, “I can see the kids who don’t use social media that much not announcing (Josiah & Lauren, Jed & Katey, etc) but the kids who already have a presence will probably keep announcing things.”


So, do you think we will begin seeing less from the Duggar family know that Counting On is over? Or do you think some of them will still be active on social media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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