Duggar Kids Throw Shade At Michelle On Her 55th Birthday

Michelle Duggar celebrated her 55th birthday on Monday, September 13, but from social media, fans may not know it. Typically, in the Duggar family, many of the kids will post on social media to wish their parents and siblings a happy birthday. The Duggar family page often posts tributes to each of the kids on their birthdays.

However, this year, the mother of 19 wasn’t recognized by her children on social media on her special day. It’s possible that the family celebrated her in person instead. But it is interesting that she got very little attention on social media on her birthday.

This year, the Duggar family has been laying low in response to Josh’s arrest. However, many of them have begun posting normally once again and are sharing frequent updates about their lives amid his arrest. There may be another explanation for the lack of posts on Michelle’s birthday, though.

As a result of Josh’s arrest, the family is splintering, according to a source. It’s unclear who’s on poor terms with who, but the missing birthday posts hint that there could be drama between the Duggar mom and some of her children. Sources have revealed that Jim Bob and Michelle are standing by Josh.

Duggar Family Instagram

Who wished the 19 Kids & Counting mom a happy birthday?

Only two of Michelle’s kids posted on social media for her birthday, and they chose to do so on their Instagram stories. Stories are only visible for 24 hours, while standard Instagram posts are permanently on a user’s profile. Story posts receive fewer views because they are visible for a shorter amount of time.

Jinger Vuolo shared a photo of herself and her mom on her Instagram stories. she wrote, “HBD to my incredible momma!”

Joe and Kendra Duggar also shared a snap of Michelle with one of their children. In the post, they added a “happy birthday” banner.”

It’s possible that some of the kids didn’t use Instagram on Michelle’s birthday. But some of them still posted, even though they weren’t sharing about their mom’s birthday. For one, Jill Dillard went on her Instagram stories to promote a modest swimsuit brand. Fans are aware that Jill and her parents are not on great terms, as she’s talked about it over the years.

Michelle Duggar’s birthday might be celebrated another day.

Because Michelle’s birthday fell on a Monday this year, the family might be getting together for a celebration this weekend. So, birthday posts from the kids could come later on instead. Fans and critics will be on the lookout for posts about Michelle’s birthday.

So, do you think there’s a good reason most of Michelle Duggar’s kids ignored her birthday? Or do you think they are seriously blowing off her birthday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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