Duggars and ‘Little People, Big World’ Stars Meet for the First Time

Two TLC worlds collided earlier this month when former Counting On stars Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard visited Little People, Big World stars Jeremy Roloff in Oregon. Jeremy’s wife, Audrey Roloff, published a full gallery of photos from the Dillards’ visit. It is unlikely that TLC will use footage from the meeting for a special though, since Counting On is over, and Jeremy and Audrey no longer star on Little People, Big World.

Audrey published a gallery of pictures on Aug. 9, starting off with a picture from her mother-in-law Amy Roloff’s bridal shower. She also included a photo with the Dillards visiting. “It was a FULL weekend,” Audrey wrote in the caption. “Celebrating [Amy’s] bridal shower, hanging with friends in town who live across the country, peach picking for my fav blackberry peach cobbler (recipe coming soon in the Roloff Monthly), friends 30th birthday parties, zoom calls with my @morethanoils girls, getting ready to release a brand new journal today (details over on [Beating 50 Percent]) and soaking up these August summer nights in Oregon that always seem to be the most magical.”

The friends “who live across the country” likely refers to the Dillards. “Loved finally getting to meet y’all!!” Jill commented on the post. “Not enough time,” Audrey added, including three heart emojis.

Jill and Derek have spent the past week in Oregon, visiting friends and enjoying time at the beach. On Friday, she shared another photo from her visit with the Roloffs from their fourth day in the state. “[The] kiddos played [and] we had a big lunch back at the house where we *finally* got to meet [and] hang with [Audrey and Jeremy] That evening, we headed into town to experience Costco with our friends and grab pizza for dinner + stayed up way too late catching up,” Jill wrote.

While the Dillards and Roloffs have both appeared on their families’ TLC shows in the past, they have all moved on. Jill and Derick starred on Counting On until 2017 when Derick was fired over transphobic comments online. They later distanced themselves from the rest of the Duggar family. When Counting On was canceled in June after Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges, the Dillards noted it had “been over 4 years now since we chose to step away from the show, and, although we were initially barred from sharing our decision to leave the show, we have opened up a little more recently on our social media.”

“The pursuit of freedom and authenticity has been a growing theme in our lives. Our story is still being written, and this event is just one more step forward toward that goal,” the Dillards’ statement read. “Our family’s departure from 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On has allowed us to make our own decisions, including the ability to have a choice in what we share. For now, we will move forward on our own terms, and we look forward to whatever opportunities the future holds.”

Jeremy and Audrey announced their departure from Little People, Big World in July 2018. Jeremy had appeared on the show for 14 years, but the couple decided to focus on other ventures. The couple run Beating 50 Percent and wrote the books Love Letter Life and Creative Love.

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