Dylan Dreyer & Brian Fichera Bring Back Their Son After A Week In Hospital

On Thursday, Brian Fichera shared a touching selfie taken in his car with his wife, Dylan Dreyer. The couple leaned into each other while Dreyer looked a bit emotional but happy.

Fichera revealed that their newborn son, Russell James, was finally coming home with them. He shared how they were driving slowly and carefully to get their son home safe and sound.

Dreyer’s husband also confessed that his eyes were cloudy as if he’d just watched the ends of a combined version of the movies, “ET,” “My Girl,” and “Forrest Gump.”

Even though he wasn’t visible in the shot, we presume little Russell was snuggled safely in the back seat. The newborn child had been apart from his parents for a while as he was in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

The little boy joined the family six weeks early and needed to be transferred to the NICU for further monitoring. Besides Russell, the couple also shares sons Calvin Bradley, 4½, and Oliver George, 20 months old.

Last week, Dreyer appeared virtually with her “Today” co-hosts on the 3rd hour to share how her newborn son was well cared for in the hospital. She said he’d gained weight and was doing wonderfully.

A few hours after Fichera’s post about taking Russell home, his meteorologist wife shared the loveliest family photo. In the happy image, the parents appeared with all three sons and the family dog.

She confessed that it felt good to be home together as a family of five finally. Dreyer uploaded two images of her newborn son fast asleep with a graduation hat on his head in a follow-up post.

The little boy was also covered with a blanket that was embroidered with his name. Dreyer explained that they were celebrating Russell’s NICU graduation and welcoming home.

The little boy’s birth coincided with his parents’ wedding anniversary. The “Today” show co-host celebrated the milestone by sharing a series of photos from her wedding to Fichera.

The last image in the series was of the parent’s bottle-feeding baby Russell. In the post’s caption, Dreyer admitted their son’s unexpected birth had thrown them off, leading to them forgetting their anniversary.

She jokingly added the words “sentiment, sentiment, sentiment,” and many “I love you’s” as a last-minute resort before wishing Fichera a happy one. The couple celebrated their ninth anniversary this year.


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