EastEnders star Zack Morris’ ex says there were ‘three of them in relationship’

Zack Morris was dating ex-girlfriend Brooke for a year and a half before they split in December 2019, but it seems that didn’t come as a shock to the makeup artist.

Dating rumours are now stirring around EastEnders stars Zack Morris and Maisie Smith after the pair headed out for a meal together and appeared cosy, though they’re yet to confirm any budding romance.

Although nothing has been announced from the pair, it seems Zack’s ex “isn’t surprised” that the two have been linked together once again – after rumours initially started shortly after they split.

A friend of Brooke’s confessed that the MUA felt Maisie was “the other woman” in their relationship and she felt that Maisie was “a big flirt”.

Brook reportedly felt there were “three people” in their relationship

She told The Sun: “She often says now, ‘There were three of us in that relationship’,” adding that she’s “not surprised” following speculation that the pair are together.

The friend also noted that Maisie “never spoke to Brooke”, adding that it was “strange”.

Zack had been dating Brooke at the point where his on-screen persona Keegan married Maisie’s Tiffany and the pair grew incredibly close in their relationship.

With their characters in constant scenes together, they were spending a lot more time together, though Maisie and Brooke reportedly rarely spoke.

Zack and Maisie play Tiffany and Keegan in EastEnders
Zack and Maisie play Tiffany and Keegan in EastEnders

Brooke’s pal said it was odd as actors “often make sure their other halves get to know their on-screen wife or girlfriend,” adding: “It didn’t happen with Maisie, and Brooke and Zack never spoke about her.”

Despite this, it seems Brooke holds no bad feelings, with the friend adding: “Brooke has joked that Maisie had finally got her man.

“Zack was so lovely to her and all she wants is for him to be happy.”

Maisie and Zack are rumoured to be dating
Maisie and Zack are rumoured to be dating

Rumours of their romance comes after they were spotted together in restaurant Caddies, with an onlooker telling the publication that Zack seems “at ease with Maisie and her family”, as they whispered to one another and laughed together.

Although it looks like the pair could be getting cosy, the same can’t be said for their on-screen counterparts who have been faced with a rocky few weeks after Keegan slept with Dotty, despite being married to Tiffany.

Tiffany has, of course, been left heartbroken, but can they work it out?

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