“Eazy-E Infected Two Of My Female Patients With HIV”

A doctor is claiming that deceased rapper Eazy-E allegedly infected two of his patients with HIV.

The doc made the revelations to Jasmine Simpkins on the series, The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E tv series.

“What I’m hearing you say is that as his immune system diminished, the likelihood of him transmitting it to someone increases,” Jasmine says. “The woman that he married was pregnant [and] had a child.”

Doctor Says Eazy-E Infected Two Of His Female Patients With HIV

Tomica Wright married Eazy-E just 12 days before he died in 1995. They were together for around four years and had two children together. Tomica does not have HIV.

“If she’s negative, the baby’s gonna be negative,” said Dr. Jordan. “She’s lucky ’cause she was exposed enough she could have.”

It was then that Jasmine told him that the late rapper had “other women in his life,” and Dr. Jordan replied, “And two of them was my patients. One is still my patient,” he added.

Both women are still alive.

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