Ed Sheeran Replies to TikTok Video of His ‘Awkward’ Red Carpet Photos

  • Ed Sheeran shared a TikTok video acknowledging his “mad awkward” looks on the red carpet.
  • The TikTok was in response to a video compilation of photos of Sheeran on the red carpet.
  • “Be wary of anyone who enjoys red carpets,” Sheeran wrote in his TikTok.

Ed Sheeran told fans in a new  TikTok that he can look “mad awkward” on red carpets. The “Bad Habits” singer made a TikTok video responding to another user’s video that featured a compilation of photos of Sheeran at events.

The TikTok Sheeran was replying to was originally posted in November 2020 by user @rynnstyless. It was part of a trend on the social media platform where people would create a photo series of a “rare aesthetic,” usually set to the Crystal Castles song “Crimewave.” This particular TikToker chose the “rare aesthetic” of “Ed Sheeran on red carpets.”

In Sheeran’s response video, he wrote the accompanying text: “Be wary of anyone that likes the red carpet.”

“I just look mad awkward, don’t I?” Sheeran said in his reply on TikTok. “I hate red carpets.”

Sheeran’s TikTok video currently has been viewed more than 7.5 million times, with two million likes and over 20,000 shares. Most of the top comments on Sheeran’s TikTok are from fans (often writing in all-caps) who called his response “sweet.”

“NOOO YOU’RE SO SWEET,” a top comment with more than 150,000 likes says. 

“AT LEAST HE CAN TAKE A JOKE LMAO,” another popular comment read.

Sheeran won the best solo artist award at this year’s GQ Men of the Year Awards. Sheeran’s newest album “=” (pronounced “equals”) is slated to be released on October 29, 2021.


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