Ed Sheeran Responds to Viral Tik Tok: “I Hate Red Carpets”

That’s Ed Sheeran. You know, musical superstar, wrote some of the biggest hits in the past few years? Yeah that guy. He may look cool when he is performing but the red carpet not so much. In his defense how awkward must red carpets be?. To just stand there while people yell at you for your picture. If I was in his position, I would be 10 times more awkward.

Well a Tik Toker made a video about his red carpet poses and Ed responded! He said “I mean I just look mad awkward the whole time don’t I?” and finished with “I hate red carpets”. Check it out below.

@edsheeran#duet with @rynnstyless I hate red carpets…

♬ crimewave by crystal castles – kermishy

Tik Tok users quickly came to support and defend him. Some top comments said “NOOO YOU’RE SO SWEET,” and “AT LEAST HE CAN TAKE A JOKE LMAO. ”

Ed, you make bangers and are a great performer. Who cares about red carpet pics? As far as most people are concerned, you are doing amazing!

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