Effective ways to motivate your sports team 


Keeping any sports team motivated is hard, especially after a few loses. Sports teams can suffer from defeat, lack of focus and patchy forms and this can lead to demotivation. Getting your team motivated is the best thing to do but is going to be one of the most difficult tasks.

Here are some things you can do to take your coaching up a notch and leave your team more motivated, productive and ahead of the game.

What type of motivation does your team need?

You need to analyse the situation and decide the type of motivation that is best for them. There are two common types of motivation in the sports field; intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation entails bringing out your players internal desire to improve in the game and achieve more success.

As a coach, it is your job to ring out the desire in each player to play the game and challenge themselves to be better. 

Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand is the use of external factors to motivate and encourage your players to perform better in the field. This is a great way to make them more energetic and strategic while playing. It can either be negative or positive; as long as it helps you achieve the results you want on the field. 

An example- in the workplace, managers can choose to increase a salary of add a bonus to show appreciation for good work. This encourages more people to work harder. A threat to lose a job could also push an employee to do better in the workplace. 

Many coaches have adopted this type of strategy in sports. Extrinsic motivation has been used in the form of paid match fees and promotions in the team. In the negative foam, coaches threaten to drop players out of a team.

Create a suitable environment for a win 

Motivation should be given every day on the training pitch. Whenever your team players arrive on the training court, they should feel motivated.  One way to do this is by creating a positive environment in the training area.

Study the environment and change it so that it can inspire motivation and confidence into your team so they can play their best and move into the right direction. You can start by making small improvements like getting a clubhouse, spicing up the changing room and getting new, modern equipment if they need any. 

Positive words and fresh aesthetics can go away in breeding positivity into the team.  Showing positivity while coaching will work much better in creating motivation as opposed to being authoritative every day.  Be a coach to your team as well as a friend. This will bring you all closer together as a team. 

Get a motivational speaker 

Motivational speakers play a key role in boosting the productivity of team members regardless of the settings. Since you are looking to motivate your sport teams, you can hire one who has experience speaking to people in the field of sports. Get a professional speaker who can work with you to reinforce the goals and objectives you have set out for the team.  You should also expect them to change the way the team sees things, put forth new ideas and techniques and also help create energy and inspiration for the team members

Communication is key 

Communicating with the team I important for motivation.  You should treat communication as a two-way street. Sit down with the team, discuss all the issues you need to work on, and create ideas you need to complement.  Listening to the team players will guide you on how best to improve the team. 

Make it fun

This is another way to create a positive environment for team players. In fact, it is a vital aspect of participating in any kind of sport buy seems to be the hardest to reach. People should enjoy the sports before the competition but unfortunately, they do not.

If your players keep thinking about winning while on practice or a game, its going to be hard for them to have fun. Challenge your team members to breed drive and endeavor to succeed while still having fun during the sports activities. You can make it even more fun by betting online – onlinesportsbetting.net

Do not punish failure

Sports can be emotions, causing delight ad despair in both team players and spectators. Do not get carried away in your disappointment in players due to issues like individual lapse and last-minute defeat and put it on the players. Adopting this kind of authoritarian laws can really demotivate some of your players. 


When your team players go out of their way to win a game, make sure you celebrate them. Ensure you show appreciation to the players and their effort to boost their motivation even further. The satisfaction of winning and improvement should be enough but sometimes you should go out of your way to show them how proud you are. 

Understand individuality 

Everyone is different, which means their performance and improvements levels will not be the same throughout. Understanding each member of the team individually will help you create and individual goal or requirement for improvement.  It is up to you to figure out how to help each member of the team perform their level best. 

This circles you back to communication. Dedicate some time from your schedule where you can talk to each player, gauge their ambitions and goals. Gather all the information you need and consider the best approach for every team member.  

Set goals

If your players are not really aware of their gaols and ambitions, they will not have enough drive to play any game.  If they do not know their role in the team, personal development, and their future in the team they will not really be motivated to push forward. 

Do not go overboard with setting the goals, it is just about challenging the player to improve at a capable rate. Write down individual goals for your players and work towards them.

Final word

The best coaching is all about having belief in your team. Make sure your players know you have faith in them and show your confidence in their ability to achieve all the goals set by the team. Remember, not all players will improve on the same level, which is why you should focus on individual differences than bringing the players together as a team. Do not forget to incorporate fin into the game even at practice. 


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