‘Elated’ Amy Roloff Reflects On Being A Married Woman

Amy Roloff wants everyone to know she couldn’t be happier. The Little People Big World star wants everyone to know just how wonderful being a married woman is.

Last Saturday, the mother of four married her long-time boyfriend Chris Marek. The ceremony was about a year after the couple had originally planned to get walk down the aisle.

The ceremony, as were so many things, delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Amy also had to move where they exchanged vows. The oddity there is that they ended up getting married at her ex’s property.

One has to think Amy Roloff being a married woman where she and Matt once spent happy times was a little awkward for everyone.

If it was indeed a bit awkward, she didn’t let it bother her too much. According to a new interview with People, she couldn’t be happier in her new life.

Amy Roloff Loves Being A Married Woman

When talking to the publication, Amy made it clear that her life is better now.

“It was just all so right and good,” she said. “I am just elated. I’m happy. I’m thrilled that I have found someone to spend the rest of my days with.”

She then detailed the ceremony and talked about some things she was a bit concerned about regarding the big day.

“In our wedding barn area we had the doors closed,” Amy said. “but there are cracks in the door because it’s a 100-year-old barn.” She commented setting the stage.

“It was a beautiful day and I could see Chris waiting. I thought, ‘Oh, he did wear the suit. He didn’t get all weird on me and wear a Hawaiian shirt or something!’ she added happily.

Amy’s Dad in Attendance

While Amy had been accused of not being grateful enough about her wedding, it seems as if the Little People Big World star understood how special it was. That’s especially the case considering her father was able to attend.

Amy’s dad has had some health issues over the years. Those issues were severe enough that there was a question as to whether he could attend. That made her all the happier when she saw her husband and then one of the other men in her life waiting for the show to begin.

“When [the doors] opened up, I walked halfway down. So my first look was to my dad,” she told the publication. “When I reached my dad, my next focal point was Chris.

“To me, it was like, these are two — of course my dad was the first man in my world and here I had a second chance at love and just seeing Chris there” she added. “It was the most special moment.”

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