Elderly Man Handed A Note To A Stranger, Who Was Sharing Dinner Table With Him.

Farris Leonard was having lunch when an older man asked to share a table. It turned out to be a great afternoon spent making both himself and the stranger happy.

The most beautiful things happen when it is least expected, sometimes even with a complete stranger. Such was the experience of Farris Leonard during his lunch at Lane’s Ferry Grill.

What was an ordinary day to eat a bacon cheeseburger alone turned out to be an extraordinary meal shared over a good conversation.

In a Facebook post, Leonard narrated that an elderly man approached him and motioned if he could share a table as the restaurant was full of people.

While completing his order sheet, a restaurant staff approached Leonard and informed him that the older man wrote notes to communicate as he could no longer hear or speak properly.

While having lunch, Leonard and the man began talking through writing, and before they knew it, both sides of the paper were filled up. “What a great lunch,” he shared.

It turned out that the elderly man shared stories about his life, such as his meeting with former President John F. Kennedy and his trip to Arizona when it was 120 degrees. Leonard wrote:

“I tell this story that may seem insignificant, only to share just how significant it was. As I sat there I wondered if and hoped that I was making a better day for this 93 year young gentleman.”

However, Leonard was surprised to find himself having a better day. In his final note, he thanked the man for sharing lunch together and noted that his day was made better because of their conversation.

“You should have seen his eyes and smile as he read it,” Leonard shared. “He embraced his heart and gave me a handshake that was real.” The two men also hugged and smiled for a photo to document the unexpected day.

Previously, a woman shared her story online after a stranger passed her a note while she was on a date.

Leonard concluded his post by encouraging readers to be kind to others as well. Like his encounter, a simple conversation can make another person happy.

Leonard added that time and compassion could help make the world a better place. Although passing notes with the man wasn’t something so special, to him, it was priceless.

Leonard’s post touched several readers who shared their sentiments in the comments section. A few of them recognized the elderly man, who apparently dines in the restaurant often.

Unfortunately, not all notes from strangers have the same ending. Previously, a woman shared her story online after a stranger passed her a note while she was on a date.

According to the woman, the man seated behind her warned her to get away from her date to be safe as he raised several red flags.


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