Elderly woman shares the weather report with her dog in wholesome TikTok clip

Everyone needs a bit of wholesome content in their lives from time to time. Thanks to a new viral clip making the rounds on TikTok, your day is about to get that little bit better – one viewer even called the footage the “cutest thing ever”, and who are we to argue.

Emily Bernay (@emilybernay) took to the app with a video captioned: “She is literally showing her dog the weather report to show him that it’s not raining tomorrow.”

The short 10-second clip shows a deflated pooch lying on the bench next to its owner in the rain. The pup came prepared for the downfall, dressed in head-to-paw rain gear – hood and all.

The footage shows the elderly woman whip out her smartphone and open up the weather app. She is then captured pulling back the hood from her beloved pet’s raincoat and muttering something – TikTokers suspect she is reassuring her pet that the weather will get better.

In an adorable moment, the woman shows the pooch the weather report and the pooch raises its head with optimism. “The way he understood”, one user commented.

The video has racked up an impressive 1.8 million views in 24 hours.

It also captured the hearts of hundreds of fellow TikTok users, who flocked to the comments to express admiration for the duo.

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Many people said they aspired to be the pet owner, “If this isn’t me by 80, I want a refund”, one commented.

Others joked that the dog “may have asked? Don’t judge.”

Another added: “Dog said: ‘Next time check the weather BEFORE we head out’”.

Heartwarming stuff.

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