Elephant Enjoys ‘favourite Game’ With A Water Bucket In Adorable Viral Video; Watch

A video of an elephant has surfaced on the internet that shows an elephant knocking over a bucket. The adorable clip of the elephant has caught users attention.

Animals rule social media with their cute antics. Every now and then, people come across adorable videos of animals. Adding to the list, a video of an elephant has surfaced on the internet. The video shows a baby elephant knocking over a water bucket. The adorable clip of the elephant has caught the attention of the netizens who shared their reactions in the comments section.

Elephant playing with a bucket

The video has been shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on Twitter. “A favourite game at the moment seems to be knocking over the water bucket, as Larro demonstrates. Suffice to say, these babies aren’t the most frugal beings! Find out what else the orphans get up to at our Nursery:” read the caption alongside the video. In the video, a baby elephant named Larro can be seen knocking over a bucket on a muddy surface. The short video also features other elephants who can be seen playing with each other at the back. Watch the video here:

The video, since being shared, on Twitter has garnered 5.8K views and several reactions. Netizens amused by the clip expressed their views in the comments section. One of the users just left heart emojis in the comments section. One user commented, “Love my Larro!”. Another individual commented, “Knocking it over provides a mud bath”. Another user commented,  “How about a giant ball to play with?! Horses love it as well”. Check out some user reactions.

Similarly, a video clip of a baby elephant is now surfacing on social media, where a baby Jumbo is seen enjoying a massage by its keeper at the Kenyan Wildlife Trust. First shared by a user account named Sheldrick Wildlife, the adorable video has now become a social media hit. In the video, the elephant’s caretaker is seen rubbing the baby jumbo’s ears, making it comfortable for the elephant, and the baby mammoth is seen reciprocating his act by touching his face with the trunk. Sharing the video, the user captioned it as, “Acting as surrogate mothers are just one of the ways we help orphaned elephants after losing their natal mother and family.”

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