Elephant released into the wild comes back to say ‘hello’ to keeper. Watch

The Internet is filled with videos showcasing the antics of the gentle giants. If you’re someone who loves watching videos related to elephants, then chances are you’ll love this video posted by Sheldrick Wildlife, an organization that works towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of orphaned baby elephants in Kenya, on Twitter. The video will likely leave you emotional.

“Head Keeper Benjamin catches up with an orphaned elephant he helped raise, who has been successfully reintroduced back to the wild but came back to say ‘hello,’” reads the caption shared along with the video. The magical video shows a reunion between an elephant released into the wild and a keeper who used to take care of the animal while staying in the facility.

Take a look at the clip:

The video, since being shared, has gathered nearly 14,000 views, and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also accumulated tons of comments.

“Benjamin, it must be so rewarding for you and the whole Sheldrick team when these former orphans stop by with their offspring to say hello. So heartwarming. Proud to donate to such an amazing organization,” wrote a Twitter user. “She must be teaching her little one where to find love, help, and safety if it’s ever needed beyond the herd. I taught my children the houses to run to for help if I wasn’t near,” shared another.

“All these people saying the orphans come back to show off their babies. I reckon they come back to introduce the human family to the larger herd to which these beautiful humans belong,” expressed a third.

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