Ellie And Victor GOT MARRIED In Seattle? SHOCKING Revelation!

90 Day Fiance couple Ellie and Victor have tied the knot. Yes! It might drop your jaws down, but it is reported that the two are in wedlock. The Fiances are no more fiances. Indeed, they have given their relationship the name of husband and wife.

There are many couples in 90 Day fiance: The Other Way who are whopping with the relationship traumas. Some couples are opening up about their marriage, while there are ones who are getting married. The entire season has undoubtedly hijacked the viewers with a lot of twists and turns.

Even though Victor did not always play a nice guy in the relationship, the pizza business girl has decided to stick to him. Are they married? What are the shocking revelations? Let us know the insights.

90 Day Fiance: Ellie And Victor Got Hitched, Know The Insights!

The Seattle native, Ellie, met the Colombian native Victor on her vacation to Providencia Island. Cupid struck the two, and they became one. Ellie recently moved to Providencia to be with Victor. She gave her relationship a chance after the turmoil of cheating from Victor’s side that tattered their relationship.

“The fact that I came down here on a wing and a prayer, and I’m gonna be able to get on that boat tomorrow [to Providencia], and hopefully find Victor, makes it all worthwhile,” she told cameras. She moved for her reunion with Victor.

In the recent episode of September 19, the two reunited. Meanwhile, there is more to the story. According to a recent post shared on the Instagram page @90daythemelanatedway, we get to know that the two have tied the knot. They have also posted two pictures of the couple. One shows them smiling, and the other captions a message about the wedding of the two. The words describe that it’s the first wedding after the pandemic.

Victor and Elle are seen clothed casually, and there is no wedding show on the display. However, the words say it all! Meanwhile, there are mixed responses by the viewers. Some consider it to be the right decision, while some think this was not meant for Ellie.

Why Were Fans AGAINST Ellie Getting Married To Victor?

From the beginning of the show, we get to see that fans have not supported Ellie marrying Victor. They think that Victor will only end up hurting the girl. Ellie, who is a very gentle person, does not fit right for a cheater like Victor.

Viewers think that Victor does not show Ellie the love that she deserves. On the contrary, she is the one who always gives more in their relationship. Moreover, Victor cheated Ellie. This smashed Victor’s image for the viewers.

Victor was abusive towards his previous girlfriend as well. This has created rooted doubts among the fans if the union is really worthy enough. Do you think Victor and Ellie are the right match for each other? Are you happy about their collaboration? Let us know in the comment section.


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