Elliot Page and 11 Other Celebrities Who Use Rolling Gender Pronouns

  • A growing number of celebrities use rolling pronouns.
  • Rolling pronouns are pronouns that shift over time, and are used depending on the person’s preference. 
  • Prominent stars like Elliot Page, Kehlani, and Halsey have spoken openly about their pronouns. 
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A growing number of celebrities, like Kehlani and Elliot Page, are openly using rolling pronouns. People who use rolling pronouns, or multiple pronouns that can shift over time, may use pronouns like they, ze, he, and her.

Some people prefer to alternate consistently between sets of pronouns, for example: “She went to the house to get their dog.” 

Others may want to be referred to as one set of pronouns one day and another set the next. 

Some people who use rolling pronouns are trans and nonbinary, while others are not. It’s important to ask what a person prefers and not make assumptions about anybody’s pronouns based on appearance or preconceived notions about them. 

Here are 12 celebrities who openly use rolling pronouns. 


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