Elon Musk wants oven and WiFi on next SpaceX flight after civilian crew returns

Elon Musk wants an oven and WiFi on the next SpaceX spaceship after congratulating the first civilian space crew in person.

The four amateur astronauts successfully splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean after three days in space, becoming the first private, all-civilian team ever to orbit the Earth.

SpaceX’s owner Musk was quick to give his congratulations to Jared Isaacman, Sian Proctor, Hayley Arceneaux and Chris Sembroski, but he was already looking for improvements for the next mission.

Musk tweeted: “Just met with the Inspiration4 team in Florida to congratulate them in person. Such great people!”

Then he responded to some questions from his many followers.

The first all-civilian space mission returned to Earth safely

One asked whether there was going to be “heated pizza” on the next SpaceX flight.

Musk replied: “Yeah, a little oven for heating food & Starlink WiFi.”

He later added: “Definitely upgraded toilets. We had some challenges with it this flight,” in response to a question over whether they would have heated toilet seats fitted on the SpaceX machine.

Musk met up with the Inspiration4 crew to congratulate them in person

The InspirationX trip marked the third time Musk’s company has taken humans to space and back, and it was another step forward for the space tourism market.

Mr Isaacman, 38, is the chief executive of the e-commerce firm Shift4 Payments Inc and acted as mission “commander”.

He paid an undisclosed sum – estimated by Time magazine to be a staggering $200 million (£145 million) – to Musk for all four seats aboard the Crew Dragon.

Musk wants an oven and WiFi on board the next SpaceX flight

The crew, who underwent six months’ training in preparation for the mission, circled the Earth more than 15 times each day.

Onboard computer systems were in control of the Dragon capsule during its journey, overseen by SpaceX teams on the ground.

The Dragon was not scheduled to go near the International Space Station (ISS), instead embarking on a “free flight” to a target altitude of 575km (360 miles).

Musk is in a race to sell commercialised space travel along with his billionaire rivals Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.

The InspirationX trip marked the third time Musk’s company has taken humans to space and back

The later two have both been above Earth’s atmosphere this year in their own space vehicles.

They have talked about one day making space travel accessible for all but tickets on these sporadic missions are currently only affordable for billionaires.

Musk often talks about his desire to expand the boundaries of space travel and is eager to one day colonise Mars.

The billionaire previously said he is “highly confident” SpaceX will land humans on Mars by 2026 as part of his bid to colonise the red planet by 2050.

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