Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Sizzles Her Toned Beach Body in Lime Green Two Piece & Gold Necklace

Hailie Jade Mathers is only 25, but her influence, especially on social media, has seen her garner a following of over 2.1 fans. She keeps her fans updated on her life through her fashionable Instagram photos.

Hailie Jade Mathers is the daughter of music artist Marshall Mathers, commonly known as “Eminem’. Fans older than 25 have seen her grow up right in front of their eyes, and today, she is a major influence on her followers.

Hailie often posts photos, making fashion statements on her Instagram that always leave her fans’ jaws dropping. In one recent photo, the model gave us a sneak peek of her gorgeous abs in a beautiful lime green bikini piece.

Eminem attends a ceremony honoring Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 30, 2020 in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

She had her beautiful brunette hair loose and flowing over her shoulder and completed the look with dark sunglasses and a gorgeous gold necklace.

The beauty showcased her toned beach body aboard a boat and seemed to be enjoying a good day of sunshine as she cruised the blue waters.

The slide included two photos, both taken with the model staring far into the horizon. She captioned the photo with a hilarious reference to Marine’s phrase:

“Aye Aye Captain!”

Hailie is not only beautiful but a scholar as well. She is reported to have graduated high school with a GPA of 3.9 and went on to study psychology at Michigan State University, graduating in 2018.

She is remarkably well-balanced – down-to-earth, kind, motivated, popular, and intelligent, and her dad couldn’t be more proud of his little girl, like any father with such a determined daughter would be.

And it is no surprise she turned out so well. Her biggest influence is her father, who, at 48 years of age, has sold over 220 million albums and is considered one of the best-selling music artists worldwide.

[Kim and Eminem] would later re-marry and get divorced a second time.

Despite being a worldwide sensation over the years, Eminem has always put his daughter first, saying that he’d put his plans on hold and be there for whatever is happening in his daughter’s life.

Father and daughter share a special bond, one that many only dream of. He says Hailie is his source of motivation and drive, seeing as she was born to him when he had no money or a place to live.

At the time, he’d been frustrated, wondering how he would raise her, and that is how he learned to stay focused and busy and always aiming at staying at the top for fear of failure. He added:

“Truth is, she’s all I got in this world. If anything ended tomorrow, she’s all I have.”

Hailie is the only biological daughter Eminem shares with his ex-wife Kim. He, however, has two adopted daughters. Alaine Marie Mathers is 27 and the daughter of Kim’s sister, Dawn Scott, who passed on in 2016.

Whitney Scott Mathers is 18 and is the daughter of Kim and Eric Hartter. She was born during the period when Eminem and Kim were first divorced. They would later re-marry and get divorced a second time.

The couple ultimately settled for a civil relationship, and the rapper has since apologized to his ex-wife for being a “terrible husband” in his 2017 single named “bad husband.”

Born on December 25th, Kim and Eminem consider their daughter a Christmas gift, while she considers them her most significant influences.

In his 2002 song named “Hailie’s Song.” Eminem sang about how his Hailie keeps getting older, and he was watching the growth with a lot of pride, and close to two decades later, he is beaming with pride at the person his daughter has grown into.

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