Emmerdale fans fuming as ‘selfish’ Liam ignores Leyla’s tears over miscarriage

Emmerdale viewers were left fuming after Monday night’s episode after Leyla Cavanagh opened up to husband Liam about her tragic miscarriage.

The doctor didn’t appear to cut up about the sad news, while Leyla was clearly devastated and cried as she opened up about it.

As Leyla broke down in tears, Liam told her: “It’s just I’ve already lost so much that this just seems…”

Leyla interrupted, saying: “Irrelevant?”

Fans were left unhappy with Liam’s apparent cold nature – though others understood that he was already grieving the loss of his daughter Leanne.

One said: “Liam you steaming great a***hole your wife needs you.”

Leyla broke down as she told Liam about her miscarriage
(Image: ITV)

Another wrote: “Wake up Liam your wife is devastated because she could be losing your baby.”

A third said: “Liam, this is your baby too. Free some time to go with her you selfish t***. Poor Leyla.”

Someone else wrote: “Oh Liam that definitely wasn’t the reaction Leyla expected, a bit of a cuddle, and words of comfort would have been ok, instead of talking to her like one of your patients.”

And another added: “Liam you heartless pig Leyla’s heart is breaking some support wouldn’t go amiss.”

However another pointed out: “What is Liam supposed to do? The man has lost his daughter, Leyla didn’t tell him she was pregnant. The man is still grieving, it’s a lot to take in.”

A second added: “Poor Liam. He’s obviously still in shock. Literally just found out Leyla’s pregnant so soon after Leanna and she’s already lost it sadly. It’s bound to make him reminisce about Leanna, how could it not? Thinking how excited she’d be to be a big sister.”

And someone else said: “Maybe Liam is in shock – he’s only just found out Leyla was pregnant then discovered she may have lost the baby he’s still grieving for Leanna. He probably is finding it difficult to cope. Leyla could have done with a hug though but he can’t with social distancing.”

Will Leyla and Liam be able to work it out, or could this hurdle be too much for them to deal with?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays

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