‘Emo’ girl gets one-up on playground bullies by sharing glam transformation

Playground bullying can be common in schools, with kids picking on others for a number of reasons including appearance.

This can leave a real lasting impact on some.

But to show that cruel taunts don’t have to get you down, women have been partaking in a new TikTok trend.

The craze involves people sharing their glow-ups, which get one-up on people who teased them in the past.

In the videos, ladies post pictures of their younger selves with the caption: “Ask her for her number it’ll be funny.”

Then they reveal their dramatic transformations, which often leave viewers stunned.

Tyler joined in on the trend where women showed pictures of when they were picked on in their youth

TikTok user Tyler Jade has had a go at the trend, which has left people gobsmacked.

Posting under the username @tylerjade_fit ,Tyler shared a picture from her youth where she embraced emo style.

She had jet black hair with a red streak and a sweeping fringe.

To add to her look, Tyler had thinly drawn black eyebrows, pale skin and a black and white checkered shirt.

However, Tyler’s emo days are well and truly behind her as she revealed what she looks like now.

woman with long blonde hair
Tyler now looks very different from what she looked like in her youth

In the next clip, Tyler has long blonde locks and immaculate makeup.

In addition to this, she now has fuller lips and tanned skin.

Moving away from the dark clothing she once wore, Tyler ditched the dark checkered shirt and swapped it for a white oversized one.

Stunning many, the transformation video has now racked up 173,000 views and 16,000 likes on TikTok.

In shock at Tyler’s transformation, people fled to the comments to compliment her on her drastic change of appearance.

One person commented: “Lost for words WHAT.”

Another user added: “Best glow-up I’ve seen! Wow! You were super cute before too though”

While a third remarked: “Puberty hit you hard girl. Smoking hot, Own it.”

Someone else said: “The emo/scene girls always turn into baddies I didn’t make the rules.”

However, one person asked Tyler: “But do you still rep the scene? Emo’s not dead.”

Tyler admitted that the ‘emo’ in her is not fully gone as she said: “I’m still rocking my band T-shirts.”


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