Emotional Tori Roloff Prepares For Jackson To Leave

Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World got emotional on Instagram late last night. She shared a series of photos featuring her son Jackson and her daughter Lilah. Why was this TLC mother-of-two so emotional? Well, it was largely because she was preparing for her son Jackson to leave. This emotional Instagram post was something many parents could relate to. After all, many of her followers were either currently in the same boat or had recently experienced the same thing in the past few weeks.

School presented a scary situation for Zach and Tori in the past

As LPBW fans learned a few months ago, Jackson going to school presented a scary situation for Zach and Tori. A situation beyond just being away from your child for a period of time. Something Zach and Tori hadn’t really thought about. Going to the bathroom.

LPBW – Tori Roloff Instagram

As we previously reported, Jackson’s size presented a problem when the time came to use the bathroom at school. Because of is height, he had a difficult time getting to the toilet to take care of business. Tori and Zach admit this wasn’t even something they had given any thought. And, it was a really scary situation for them to be in.

Fortunately, Jackson Roloff’s grandfather Matt was ready to fix the problem. He was happy to custom build what Jackson needed so he could use the bathroom on his own.

Zach admitted it is both helpful and relieving for himself and Tori to have Matt to lean on when they need help problem solving challenges because of their son’s height.

Emotional Tori Roloff prepares for Jackson to leave

Summer is almost over and this means Jackson Roloff is heading back to school. Tori Roloff spilled emotions all over Instagram last night as she admitted she wasn’t really ready to say goodbye.

Tori Roloff penned toward the end of her very emotional Instagram post: “Does Jackson have to go back to school?! Does summer have to end?!”

Check out a screenshot of the post and some of the sweet photos of her children down below.

Little People Big World Tori Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans admit they were obsessed with both the photos and the caption Tori included in her emotional post. They adored seeing the love Jackson and Lilah had for each other. Likewise, fans agree summer coming to an end is sad. But, they know Jackson will do great things in school. They, however, completely understand why Tori would struggle so much with saying goodbye to the little guy.

Do you find Tori Roloff’s post about summer coming to an end to be relatable? Do you think these photos of Jackson and Lilah are just too sweet for words? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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