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Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons Updates: With the upcoming expansion of  Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons adds the Virtuoso class which replaces the Mesmer Class clones with daggers and high DPS. Elite Specializations are always the anticipated updates for these expansions of Guild Wars 2 and with every expansion, we get a new class.

This time we get a new Virtuoso Class. This has a new set of weapons and skills. These updates are always fps reducers, these kinds of updates are always well received by the community.

This time around, developer ArenaNet has opted to reveal the expansion’s Elite Specializations one at a time, rather than all at once as it did for the previous Path of Fire expansion.

Similar to  Final Fantasy 14’s Sage class, this new class will be able to create up to 5 ethereal weapons, daggers, that float over the player’s head. Various status effects can be given and can be shot at a target to cause damage.

The Mesmer has always struggled in the damaged area and always dealt low damage. But with this update, the Mesmer has gained consistency as that of other classes. All of Virtuoso’s skills appear concentrated on quickly damaging targets.

Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons Explained

Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons

The clones that Mesmer creates are designed to be used as a defensive element and can be destroyed to cause damage to enemies or buff a player. The issue here was that the clones always got destroyed before the player could do anything about it.

With the clones being replaced by the daggers, players no longer have to be worried about this and they can aim the daggers at targets that they want to attack.

The Virtuoso looks capable of an offensive output the Mesmer hasn’t ever achieved, and players won’t have to wait too long to get firsthand experience with it, as the first Elite Specialization beta is set to begin on August 17.

This certainly is the update that many players wanted as well and we might see a rise in the player count of the game. Well, let us know what you think about this, and make sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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