Enticing ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Twist Days of our Lives Can’t See Through

Ciara Brady Weston’s desire to have a child with husband Ben Weston, the former Necktie Killer, juxtaposed with Marlena Brady Black’s demonic invasion opened up a storyline opportunity too bold and blasphemous to pass up. The enticing “Rosemary’s Baby” twist is sure to provide wild riveting drama. However, in the end, Days of our Lives can’t see it through – at least not to the full effect of the cult film classic.

Days of our Lives: Birth of a Story

The writing was on the wall the minute Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) reached out to Marlena (Deidre Hall) about his procreating fears. The man with evil in his past was concerned he could pass it on to his child. How was Ben to know his trusted psychiatrist was on the cusp of full-on possession by the devil? That he was asking for guidance and reassurance from a woman who was salivating at the prospect of possessing his unborn baby?

DOOL: The Ultimate Baby Drama

The mere thought of Marlena/Satan’s evil plan is mind-boggling The possibility of watching it set in motion is horrifying. However, let’s face it, the reality of it actually happening is downright nonexistent.

It’s a brilliant twist. Days of our Lives deserves credit for delving into something so audacious and controversial; for pushing the envelope beyond Marlena’s original possession storyline of the 1990s. The plot is bound to create lots of buzz around the soap while riling up fans, who won’t be able to bear the idea of Ben and Ciara’s baby being used as a vehicle for evil.

Good vs. Evil

But viewers needn’t worry that Ciara (Victoria Konefal) is going to give birth to a devil child a la Rosemary in the Roman Polanski masterpiece. It’s too wicked and sinful for daytime, a medium that thrives on love in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, it’s definitely going to be a compelling story to watch. A bona fide thriller. The show’s writers are sure to take things to the brink of darkness and despair, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with every diabolical twist and turn. But in the end, love and goodness will have to triumph. It always does on soaps.

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