Epic trailer airing in Bachelorette finale

Bachelor in ParadiseIf you are ready for Bachelor in Paradise season 7, rest assured it’s here in just over a week! This is one of the craziest reality shows out there and we’re ready for a dose of late summer fun. (Can we get a little romance, too? Is that too much to ask?)

Over the weekend, we wrote a piece discussing whether or not a full trailer would be coming our way during the upcoming The Bachelorette finale — now, we’ve got a little more confirmation on the subject. Let’s just say that everyone should buckle up to the best of their ability.

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In a post on Twitter today, ABC’s own Robert Mills confirmed the news of an “EPIC” tease for Bachelor in Paradise coming during the finale. We can’t say that we’re shocked by any of this, given that it’s really just common sense. These shows all thrive off of synergy with each other and when you think about that, it would be almost dumb for The Bachelorette to not set the stage for the spin-off show. That’s especially the case given that so little has been given away other than the initial revivals.

Typically, Bachelor in Paradise is defined by a few different things — too many contestants to keep track of, rampant jealousy, unbearably hot weather, and occasionally a few people finding love. The irony here is that those who do end up together are often the most boring people on the show. That’s not a dig; it’s just a reminder that this is one of those shows that thrives on drama more than anything else.

What are you most interested in seeing within this Bachelor in Paradise trailer?

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