Eric Andre ‘Devastated’ Over Tragic Death of Comedian Trevor Moore

Eric Andre is reeling over the sudden death of one of his longtime friends and sharing a special memory of the two that he will now cherish forever.

Andre, who is known for his over-the-top stunts and unconventional humor, was in a very somber mood when he took to social media over the weekend. Hours earlier, it had been announced that comedian Trevor Moore, known for founding the sketch comedy group, “The Whitest Kids U Know,” died at the age of 41.

No details were given about Moore’s death, other than it was a “tragic accident.”

“We are devastated by the loss of my husband, best friend and the father of our son. He was known as a writer and comedian to millions, and yet to us he was simply the center of our whole world,” his wife Aimee Carlson said in a statement to CNN.

Searching for UFOs

Admitting he was “beyond devastated” and sharing a photo of Trevor on Instagram, Eric Andre wrote about one of his favorite moments with the late comedian, actor and producer.

“When 2012 was coming to an end Trevor invited me to go to the pyramids in Belize to watch the UFO’s land and the world end. After I stopped cracking up I said ‘hell yes I’m in’ and went with him and his wife and friends on amazing last minute trip to Belize. The UFOs never came but we had a blast and I’ve always been in awe of this man’s giant creative brain. Love you Trevor. Rest In Peace.”

Others echoed the devastation of Andre, sharing notes about the laughter and inspiration Moore brought to their lives.

“WKUK got me through my teenage years. The show was so versatile in their range of sketches and everything felt fresh. Man this one hurts,” one person wrote.

“The sketch comedy world has lost an influential giant,” another fan commented.


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