Erica Mena Seemingly Admits To Damaging Safaree Samuels Property

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels have been criticizing one another publicly for months now. Accusations from property damage to cheating, and paternity allegations have been flying around. Now, it seems like Mena has admitted to some of the allegations. The mom of three recently posted on social media a picture of herself sending $4000 to her husband Samuels. The post was accompanied by two others that read, “On everything I love this is my last heart break in life!!!!!!!” and another that read “B***h I’m 33 this is about to be one EPIC bounce back.”

Any Truth To Those Divorce Rumors?

Mena’s latest post gave some truth to the allegations that the fresh-off newlywed status couple has called it quits. Divorce claims are making their way around the internet and while the couple has not made any official statements, Mena did confirm that she may have put hands on Samuels’s property like he claimed. The $4000 transaction comes off as the reality star starting to pay off the alleged $50,000 worth of damage she made to custom shoes, and bikes while she was eight months pregnant with their newborn son. Samuels claimed that that his estranged wife pour paint all over his bikes. She threw more salt in the wound by pouring paint in the exhaust pipes as well. As for the sneakers? She allegedly cut the laces and poured bleach all over them.

But He Cheated Though

Court documents were released this week where Mena allegedly admitted to ruining the rapper’s property. However, she apparently had a good reason, Samuels supposedly cheated on her “numerous times”. As if matters weren’t awkward enough, the reality star is allegedly expected to pay back the entire $50,000 not like it’s coming out of the mouth of their kids after all. Mena openly blames “anger” in the document as her reason for attacking her soon-to-be ex-husband’s property. Can you blame her? pregnancy hormones are a real thing, and she claims she was triggered.

Love & Hip Hop

The couple relationship is currently playing out on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It turns out that some of those crazy things the couple was turning to social media to talk about are playing out right before our very eyes. Awkward or not. The alleged accusations that Samuels was questioning the paternity of the couple’s second child are suddenly surrounded in curiosity when he appeared unhappy about Mena being pregnant again so soon. The rapper also shows deep regret for getting married, something he also talked about on social media just a few months ago. The couple’s marriage is literally falling apart in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Not Everything Is For Rating

Something tells us that Mena and Samuels are not doing this for the ratings if they are, you can stop now because fans are either totally freaking out or getting too much pleasure out of the destruction of a marriage with children. One follower encouraged Mena to move on and “never look back” another shared that 33 is not too far from 35 and she is struggling to “bounce anything”. Mena refuses to be bothered by her pending divorce and having to pay back all that money to Samuels she recently shared a fresh face photo of herself glowing.

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