Erika Jayne Confirms She Will Be At The Reunion; Explains Why She Didn’t Quit Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Erika Jayne

Where are we all at with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season? It’s hard for me to decide what to feel. While watching Erika Jayne go down in flames is completely enrapturing, it took us eleven full episodes to finally get to some cast-mate call outs about her completely fraudulent existence.  Dorit Kemsely’s face said it all during that “I’ve never deposited a check before” performance.

The legal allegations levied against Erika and her not so estranged husband, Tom Girardiare STEEP. So much so that I think we’re all wondering; Why the hell did she agree to film this season of RHOBH?! Sure she needs the money, but as bad as she needs to tell on herself?

Well, since the news of Erika’s divorce and legal troubles broke, she has been all over Twitter. Just before the weekend she started to engage with her followers and tweeted, “I have a question, would you join RHOBH if you could? Or is it more fun to watch? Just wondering.” One person replied saying, “I cry when someone raises their voice so no.” Another snarked, “Only orphans and widows allowed.”

Erika then sent out another thought about being cast for the show. She said, “It’s an interesting experience because making the show and watching it are two separate things. I love hearing people’s ideas about what the show is, some say lifestyle, friendship, fantasy, fun, etc.” Can we all not go down this road of pretending Erika “loves hearing people” at all. Who is she pretending to be now?

When a follower asked Erika, “what’s the show to you?” she replied, “Good question. It’s many things to me, and unfortunately this season is painful and and you are watching a massive change in my life. Change happens to everyone but mine just happens to be on TV and up for discussion. I can’t stop what’s happening, I just have to keep going.” Erika pretending to be completely powerless over this situation is…a lot. But at least she’s consistent!


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Erika replied to another fan who told her she is still supported. The fan said, “Its what you signed up for, and youre not backing down. Thats why i believe you and am standing by you!” Erika replied, “I didn’t want to quit because it got rough. Life is tough for everyone at some point. I would of let myself down by running away.”

One fan argued, “the same people telling you not to go on tv are the same ones who would’ve criticised u for leaving” to which the ever-victimized EJ said, “I agree. There is no winning.” Meanwhile, that lose-lose attitude wasn’t going to stand in Erika’s way too long. When asked if she would be at the reunion, Erika gave a curt, “Yes.”

So there we have it. Let’s play a game where we take a sip or a puff every time Erika backs out of a question because it’s “a legal matter.” In the meantime, let’s keep fingers crossed for some more fireworks in the final episodes. Don’t forget, we were promised A LOT.


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