Erika Slezak to Appear in ‘Next Stop Christmas’ for Hallmark Channel

On her website, Erika Slezak (ex-Victoria Lord Buchanan, “One Life to Live”) recently announced that she will appear in “Next Stop Christmas,” a new TV movie for Hallmark Channel.

“It’s not a big part, but a nice one and we’ll be shooting in Essex, CT’,” she said.

While character details nor who else will be starring in the movie has been revealed, it’s understood that the project will be part of the network’s annual Christmas slate of movies set to begin airing in November through the end of the calendar year. Additionally, Soap Opera Network has learned that filming will be taking place in and around Connecticut through ​​October 22. Synthetic Cinema International is producing for Hallmark Channel.

Since both incarnations of “One Life to Live” concluded their runs on ABC in 2012 and Hulu/iTunes in 2013, respectively, Slezak has appeared in an episode of “The Resident” and more recently in an episode of “Blue Bloods.” In 2019, the Daytime Emmy Award winner appeared in the independent film “Guest Artist” alongside Emmy Award winner Jeff Daniels. The film followed a young man named Kenneth Waters (Thomas Macias) who comes face to face with his hero (Daniels) while exploring the tangled relationship between the dreams of youth and the wisdom of age.

Keep checking Soap Opera Network for updates on “Next Stop Christmas.”

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