Erin Bates Reveals How 6-Year-Old Carson Knew She Was Pregnant

On Tuesday, Chad Paine and Erin Bates shared the exciting news that they are expecting their fifth baby! This announcement came as a total shock to Bringing Up Bates fans, as Erin has had many health difficulties. In the past year, she has had three surgeries due to ruptured cysts. She had almost a full hysterectomy, leaving just one-third of one of her ovaries behind.

She has been open about her health struggles and revealed earlier this year that she likely won’t be able to have any more kids. So, the couple had come to terms with this and were enjoying their four children. Surprisingly, Erin was able to get pregnant.

She’s now in her second trimester and everything is going well. The baby will arrive in January 2022.

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How did Carson know his mom Erin Bates was expecting?

In a new YouTube video, Chad and Erin talk about the pregnancy, revealing how they found out she was expecting. They had been seeing a fertility specialist so they could find a way to balance out her hormones. At the time, they weren’t planning to grow their family. The doctor told them they likely wouldn’t be able to have any more kids and that Erin was entering menopause.

Chad and Erin were open with their kids and told them it wasn’t really possible for her to have any more kids. But Carson had something to share with his mom, even though he felt a little embarrassed to say it.

Eventually, the six-year-old felt comfortable and told his mom what was going on. To share the story, the parents filmed Carson retelling what happened. He said, “I was praying for a baby brother and then, one day, an angel told me that mommy was pregnant. And then I told mommy and then she said that I couldn’t have one. But then she went to the doctor one time and the doctor said she’s pregnant.”

Erin told her son that she didn’t think it was possible, though. Later, she explains that she took a pregnancy test randomly about three weeks after Carson talked to her about it. Sure enough, the test was positive, and there’s another little Paine on the way!

So, what do you think of Carson knowing his mom was pregnant before she did? Are you excited to “meet” Chad Paine and Erin Bates’ new baby? Let us know in the comments below.

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