Esso, BP, Shell, Texaco, Murco, and Jet all change rules on buying petrol

BP, Shell and Esso have all changed their rules when it comes to buying fuels.

The companies have now ditched £30 limits on buying petrol and fuel after more than a week of restrictions.

According to BirminghamLive, the decision to axe the cap – from the EG Group – comes amid signs the petrol crisis is finally stabilising.

Petrol stations had put the limit in place last week as huge queues formed at petrol stations up and down the country.

An EG Group spokesperson said: “Following a significant improvement in fuel availability at our sites, with customer purchasing behaviour returning to normal levels in the majority of locations, we are pleased to confirm that we can now remove the £30 cap on buying fuel.

The £30 limit on buying petrol has now been scrapped

“That said, we still continue to experience some challenges, primarily in our locations in the south and the south east, but following the actions from the government to secure additional drivers from the military this week, we expect availability issues easing in the coming days.”

The comments comments came as average petrol prices rose 0.91p a litre in a week from 135.19p last week to 136.1p on Tuesday, and diesel 1.7p from 137.9p to 139.2p, according to new Government figures.

Members of the military take part in refuelling at a BP petrol station in Waltham Abbey, Britain, October 5
The new rules come amid signs the petrol crisis is finally stabilising

This is the highest level for petrol since it cost 136.9p in September 2013, and for diesel since it was 139.15p in October of the same year.

Last weekend, people were outraged as one Chelsea petrol station started charging an “eye-watering” £2.68 per litre as the fuel crisis gripped the country.

Responding to the hefty price at the time, one person tweeted: “This is ridiculous. How greedy. Well, there will be plenty of fuel soon because no one will be able to afford it.

“Fuel shortages getting WORSE in some areas as one petrol station charging eye-watering £2.67 per litre.”

A second person added: “Price gouging is alive and kicking at @GulfOilIntl at Chelsea Cloisters, London. £2.67 per litre – how cynical can you get?”

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