Every 90 Day Fiance Spinoff Ranked

The discovery+ exclusive spinoff “90 Day: The Single Life shows the dating lives of individuals after their failed relationships, including Ed, Colt, Danielle, Molly, Fernanda, and Brittany. Focusing on the singles, rather than those in relationships, this show is the first of its kind in the “90 Day” universe, as noted by People.

As you would expect from a “90 Day” show, it is cringe-inducing. Take one moment from Danielle Mullins’ storyline in which she told a man on her second date (via Yahoo! Entertainment), “You’re the first guy that I’m telling this to. My ex-husband, he had said that no man would ever want to sleep with me because he was accusing me of smelling, and stuff like that.” Yikes. Sadly, that date never went out with her again. She told Us Weekly, “We have not had a date since that last date. He keeps telling me different excuses.”

Still, this kind of cringey drama is what “90 Day” fans love and keep coming back for.

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