Everything We Know About Jeremiah Duggar & Hannah Wissmann

Jeremiah Duggar may be the next sibling to marry off. It has been a boy-heavy year, with Justin and Jedidiah Duggar tying the knot with Claire Spivey and Katelyn Nakatsu earlier this year. Justin and Claire wed in February, and Jed and Katey married in April, the day before Easter.

There has been speculation that Jeremiah has been courting Hannah Wissmann for several months now. The last two courtships were kept under wraps for the most part, with Justin announcing his as a formality on the series finale of Counting On in August 2020.

Deleted photo shows Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann close

Over on Reddit, the Duggar Snark sleuths have done it again. They found a photo that was posted and then deleted, showing Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann looking awfully close.

The two were standing next to one another, and he appeared to be holding her. There are other people in the photo as well, and Jackson Duggar and Tyler Hutchins are also visible.

This is possibly a newer photo, as the Duggar family spent some time in South Dakota recently. The Wissmann family is based in Nebraska, so they could have easily stopped by to hang out with them on their way back home to Arkansas.

Why would Jeremiah Duggar keep his courtship quiet?

The details surrounding Jeremiah Duggar and his maybe relationship with Hannah Wissmann are murky. There isn’t much information that has been verified, but their romance has been speculated for months now.

Secrecy was a big deal for Jeremiah’s twin, Jedidiah Duggar when he was seeing Katelyn Nakatsu. Without Counting On to promote the family and the bumped-up ratings with a courtship announcement, it seems the family is attempting to keep things simple.

Jedidiah wanted an intimate relationship, and that’s what he got. News of his wedding and engagement leaked just weeks before the couple tied the knot, though Jessa Duggar did spill the beans during the Fall Festival video she shared last year.

All signs point to there being a relationship between Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann. The post and delete drew attention, and the quick-thinking Snarker shared it with the world. Jeremiah looks comfortable with her, and if that is the case, a wedding is likely on the horizon.

Will Jeremiah be the next Duggar sibling to tie the knot and move away from the family to begin the one of his own? It sure looks that way.


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