Everything You Need to Know About Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Philadelphia is known for its historical landmarks, rich history, and art museums. 
  • Visit in the spring for seasonal activities. Be on the lookout for weather and COVID-19 advisories.
  • In addition to cheesesteaks, you can try gourmet goods at some of Philadelphia’s best restaurants.

Philadelphia is home to some of the nation’s landmark moments and should be on your list of American cities to visit.

From serving as the meeting grounds for the Founding Fathers to housing and preserving the Liberty Bell, the “Cradle of Liberty” is a must-visit spot for history enthusiasts. In fact, it’s one of the oldest cities in the United States. 

The city now boasts several nicknames, including “The Workshop of the World” and “The City that Loves You Back.”

It was ranked no.5 on Stacker’s most walk-friendly cities in America in 2020, so come prepared with comfortable sneakers — especially if you plan to re-enact the famous “Rocky” scene on the steps at The Philadelphia Museum of Art.  

Aside from getting your American history fix in, Philadelphia is a hub for the arts, food, and music, and is a great spot for a weekend getaway or week-long stay.

You can fly in or take a train, but plan ahead for the best deals. Unless you want to see the city under snowfall, visit in the spring for seasonal activities like the Cherry Blossom Festival, Philly Wine Week, and even spotting future Olympians at the Penn Relays

You can stay anywhere from luxurious hotels to Colonial-era row houses that are available through Airbnb. There’s also a plethora of museums, quaint shops, and murals you should explore, so keep that in mind when booking accommodations. 

If you’re a foodie, plan on hitting up Philadelphia’s finest, from top-notch restaurants like Mission Taqueria in Rittenhouse Square to Nomad near South Street. And, of course, you can’t leave without trying a cheesesteak. 

As of August, businesses and institutions require a mask. Before your visit, watch for weather and travel advisories. 

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