Everything You Need To Know About Using Pink Tourmaline

So who should use pink tourmaline? Well for starters, caregivers and anyone else who needs to recharge after emotional labor. As per Healing With Crystals, pink tourmaline serves “as an amulet for pediatricians, caregivers, nurses, teachers, mental health therapists,” or anyone else who opens their heart to others. If you ever feel emotionally drained, pink tourmaline “amplifies the vibration” of your good work, returning it back to you “many times over.” This mineral naturally regenerates energy while transforming negative vibes into major positivity (via The Spruce). 

You can also make good use of pink tourmaline if you need “an injection of unconditional love,” and feel like you need comforting or nurturing. If you have trouble with self-love, this crystal should do the trick. Since it changes negatives into positives, it can help you turn around difficult thoughts, giving you a clearer, happier mind. Pink tourmaline will also work for relaxation, so it’s great for anyone dealing with “hyperactivity” or “difficulty sleeping.”

Overall, since pink tourmaline rules the crown chakra, it can help you achieve an enlightened mental state (via Your Tango). But it’s also about emotions: it “activates your sacred heart,” so if you need to have more empathy with yourself and others, this one’s for you. While it works for anyone having trouble opening up, pink tourmaline can also amplify the feeling of love — so try wearing it around your crush! It is also Libra’s birthstone, and can be the best amulet for this sign.

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