‘Evil celebrities’: 10 of the best memes from the ‘evil be like’ trend

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things which make the best Internet memes. At the moment, this can be achieved by creating a negative photograph (that is, an image where the darkest parts are light and the brightest parts are dark) of a celebrity and making them out to be “evil”, apparently.

According to the Know Your Meme website, the ‘Evil X Be Like’ meme format originated on Facebook in September before later spreading to other platforms such as Twitter.

“[It] refers to an image macro trend that uses the catchphrase and phrasal template ‘Evil X Be Lke’. Meme creators primarily insert a well-known musician or other pop culture icon into the template, then, they change the bottom caption of the image macro to a well-known lyric of quote from that pop culture icon, making it ‘evil’,” the site explains.

It’s perhaps better if we showed you a few examples, so here’s ten of the best ‘evil be like’ memes online right now.

1. Evil Pitbull

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The much-loved “On The Floor” rapper, known for rhyming Kodak with Kodak, has had a bit of a downgrade from his usual moniker of Mr Worldwide:

2. Evil Adele

Not long after making a much anticipated comeback to the world of music with “Easy On Me”, it appears as though Adele may be disappearing again:

3. Evil One Direction

X Factor finalists One Direction have been on an “indefinite hiatus” for a while now – namely because all five members have gone on to have their own solo careers with varying levels of success – but if this is the way that Evil One Direction are talking to us, then we don’t want the band reforming any time soon:

4. Evil Carl Fredricksen

Well, that’s our childhood ruined.

5. Evil Carly Rae Jepsen

We always felt that the “Cut To The Feeling” singer was a bit forward by offering her phone number to someone she’d only just met, so to be honest, we’re not too upset by this one:

6. Evil Taylor Swift

We knew that Taylor was trouble when she walked in, but we didn’t know she was this bad:

7. Evil Porter Robinson

When the hit US DJ finally returned this year with his sophomore album Nurture, one of the biggest singles from the record was the positive and uplifting track, “Look At The Sky”.

Well, it was fun while it lasted:

8. Evil Beatles

Ah yes, true words to live by:

9. Evil Lorde

The “Solar Power” singer’s latest stance on sustainable energy is rather concerning:

10. Evil Pharrell

This one’s just an eternal mood, to be honest.

We love it when our favourite pop culture stars get corrupted in meme form for our consumption – and just in time for Halloween too.


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