Ex-IZ*ONE Members Sweep MC Position on Major Music Shows + Why is it a Big Deal?

Former members of K-pop girl group IZ*ONE continue to prove their impact in the K-pop scene after sweeping positions of terrestrial music show MCs. Along with this, a media outlet discussed its benefits to the members and why it is a huge deal.

On Sept. 29, the Korean media outlet SPOTVNews wrote an article about how former IZ*ONE members such as Minju, Wonyoung, and Yujin dominated major music broadcasts as MCs.

The article also discussed its positive implications to the female idols and its group – and why being selected as an MC for these terrestrial music shows is a big deal for a K-pop idol.

(Photo : Minju (Instagram))

Recently, KBS2 Music Bank welcomed Jang Wonyoung from IZ*ONE as its new MC. She will be the third member of the group who entered the world of hosting after the group parted ways.

In particular, Kim Minju was the first member to take the seat of the “mastermind” of a music show. Kim Minju became the host for MBC Show! Music Core in June 2020.

Currently, she is working with NCT Jungwoo and Stray Kids Lee Know – raising interest as a “WooJuHo” trio.

Ex-IZ*ONE Members Sweep MC Position on Major Music Shows + Why it is a Big Deal

(Photo : Yujin (Instagram))

Meanwhile, Ahn Yujin joined SBS Inkigayo in February 2021 along with NCT Sungchan and TREASURE Jihoon.

Recently, the young idol was diagnosed with COVID-19 and left the MC position temporarily, but was diagnosed with complete recovery on the 16th and is expected to return soon.

Ex-IZ*ONE Members Sweep MC Position on Major Music Shows + Why it is a Big Deal

(Photo : Wonyoung (Instagram))

Lastly, Jang Wonyoung, who is a rising “it girl” in Korea will then meet viewers of KBS Music Bank as an MC from October 8.

Jang Wonyoung’s partner is ENHYPEN Sunghoon, who will take over the baton of the existing MC Oh My Girl Arin and TOMORROW X TOGETHER Soobin.

Why Being Music Show MC is a Big Deal in K-pop + IZ*ONE Consistently Establishes Status as Top-Tier Group

Meanwhile, the Korean media outlet highlighted that being selected as an MC for a major music show is a huge indicator of popularity in Korea.

This is because the MC of a music show serves as a measure of the popularity of a trending star, and that the rising star who was the most notable at the time has been in charge.

Moreover, a music show official explained, “You can take on the role of a rising style, so a music show MC is a position that both new singers and popular stars want. This is because if you MC for a music show, you get used to the fans of other singers. It also has charm. It has a unique cute tone and special coordination. Especially, the MC for a terrestrial music show will continue to be the place everyone wants as long as K-pop exists.”

Ex-IZ*ONE Members Sweep MC Position on Major Music Shows + Why it is a Big Deal

(Photo : Minju, Wonyoung and Yujin (Instagram))

As one of the most coveted positions, being selected as an MC shared the same feelings of being the “sons” and “daughters” of the major broadcasting companies.

In fact, there is an inside joke among idols and K-pop fans to address the MC as “President’s son and daughter of (music show name.”

On the other hand, aside from showing off popularity and fame after being selected as MCs, the position will also benefit the idols.

As the “faces” of the largest music programs, idols such as Wonyoung, Minju, and Yujin will become more known to the public.

As idols who are MC get more exposure and performances in the show, it will also benefit them to gain more fans.

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Written by Eunice Dawson


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