Ex McDonald’s workers share what it means if you’re sent to wait in a bay… and why you should NEVER use the trays

EX MCDONALD’S workers have lifted the lid on “secrets” at the fast food chain, including what it could mean if you are sent to wait in a bay at the drive-thru. 

TikToker Elise, who posts under @eliseeee69, shared her experiences with fans. 


TikToker Elise claimed staff can put you in bays if you are rude
TikToker Dessy Joseph advised you always order takeaway to avoid the trays


TikToker Dessy Joseph advised you always order takeaway to avoid the traysCredit: TikTok/@jodessy

In a video that has racked up 200,000 likes, she claimed: “If you are rude to us we will purposely take ages to give you your food or park you up in a bay.”

Another ex employee also shared a “secret” with her followers about the hygiene of the McDonald’s trays – and insisted that you should always order takeaway and never eat in.

TikToker Dessy Joseph, who posts under jodessy, said you should avoid trays at all costs, as she didn’t think they were clean enough in her branch. 


She claimed: “I’ve seen people do disgusting things with the to-stay trays. 

“I’m talking blowing straight up boogers into the trays.

“To clean the trays we just have a bucket with a rag in the front and we just use that bucket all day.

“So no it wasn’t really properly cleaned or disinfected, so don’t do it to yourself.

“Order to-go and just rip your bag open and make your own tray or just ask for a tray liner.”

A McDonald’s fan replied saying: “I never eat off the trays…. I just know they aren’t clean.”

However one added: “I was actually really impressed with how clean the McDonald’s I worked at was.”

McDonald’s has been contacted for comment.

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