Ex-Primark worker reveals secret hacks including how to get hangers for free & find sell-out must-haves

WE all love a good shop at Primark, right?!

A former Primark employee has revealed some of her top tips and tricks that you NEED to know to make the most out of your shopping trip.

She shared her favourite secret hacks online with her followersCredit: Getty

Whether you want to nab bags of hangers for free, find sell-out must-haves or get quick discounts, you won’t want to miss this.

Georgia Ponton, 20, worked at Primark during the weekends back in July 2017.

Georgia now shares insider tips on what her experience was like and the best ways to shop at the much-loved store.

Grabbing free hangers

Need some new hangers?

Don’t bother buying them – Georgia has you covered.

Georgia said: “If you go up to someone that is working on the till and say ‘Can I have a bag of hangers?’ then they will give it to you.

“So stop buying hangers because you can get them for free.

“Behind every till is a massive bin where we put the hangers for people that don’t want them, and I’m not really sure where they go afterwards, but we need to get rid of them.

“So if you don’t have many hangers at home or you’ve moved to uni and you, like, have no hangers because you forgot about them, then just go and ask because you can get them for free.

“Most of the, staff will be happy to help you.

“So when I went to uni, I brought no hangers, I completely forgot about them, and I went to the local Primark and was like “Hi, can I have some hangers? Can I have the skirt ones, the trouser ones and just nepal ones?” and they gave it to me.

“So although it’s not clothes, that’s one thing you can get for free at Primark.”

Finding sell-out must-haves

Now another one of Georgia’s hacks is for finding the sell-out must-haves.

Georgia said: “If you wanna find the good stuff, then check the back of all the rails.

“If the season was about to change, then we would put anything that needed to be sold right at the front and anything new at the back because we needed to prioritise the old stuff.

“The back of the rails is often where people hide things in case they wanna come back to it, if they didn’t want to buy it right there.

“Especially in the corners of the shop.

“The amount of times I was putting clothes away and found, like, god knows how many stacks of clothes in the corner of the pyjama section was insane.

“So if you know an item is popular and it’s going fast then check in the corners because that’s where people hide the most popular sizes and the version of that item if that makes sense.

“But if you really want something that much, don’t hide it, just go and buy it, because it might not be there when you go back.”

Getting quick discounts

Primark is already super cheap, but if you want to save even more cash, here’s how.

Georgia explained: “A lot of people ask how to get a  discount at Primark but it’s not that easy because the clothes are so cheap already.

“And when I worked there, even staff only got 10% at a certain time in their own store.

“If you really want a discount at Primark then there’s really only one way to do it and that’s to look for faulty items.

“So if a t-shirt has a little tear in it, or there’s a stain on it, or there’s a chip in a piece of homeware, that’s the only way you’re gonna get a discount.

“If you find one of those, then go up to a staff member and say ‘oh this items’ faulty, can I get a discount?’

“And unfortunately, that’s pretty much the only way you can get a discount at Primark.

“But if you’re looking to get things for cheaper, then watch out for the sales which are mainly at, like, end of season, black friday, new years, those kind of sales when things are going up.

“And if you really want, ask a staff member to see what’s going on sale in the next few weeks.”

You just need to ask for hangers at the till and they will give you a bag full of them


You just need to ask for hangers at the till and they will give you a bag full of themCredit: Getty

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