Exercise saved me from depression

Jordyn Woods says exercise saved her from a “deep depression”.

Jordyn Woods

The 23-year-old model began suffering with her mental health after her father passed away five years ago, and said turning to exercise and giving herself a dedicated work out regime became her “therapy” during her difficult time.

In an Instagram post marking the launch of her new fitness app, FrstPlace, she wrote: “I started my fitness platform because for years I struggled with my identity, I’ve been judged about my weight on the Internet since I was about 10. I’ve become a young woman in front of everyone and I’m still growing and learning everyday.

“On the Internet everyone feels entitled to know every little thing, but to be honest that is nobody’s business, about five years ago I was in a deep depression, and then my father died. I put on a smile but every day was a different struggle, and then I found fitness. Working out became my therapy and my saving.

“With my app and platform I have never said that losing weight is ‘healthy’ or that if you work out and use my plans ‘you’ll look like me’. But what I do know is that there are a lot of people who are just like me, who may be struggling to find their place in the world, or battle with their own anxiety and mental health.

“Working out saved me and I wanted to let everyone know we all start somewhere. You’re beautiful at any weight, shape, or size, but you’re not alone. (sic)”

Jordyn has been vocal in the past about body positivity, and in 2018 she launched her own debut fashion brand SECNDNTURE, a line focused on size-inclusive activewear.

Speaking at the time about her passion for working out, she said: “Through working out all the time I realised that there was kind of not an activewear line that was super quality and affordable and size-inclusive so I decided, ‘Why not make my own’.”

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