Exorcist claims man possessed by demon ‘woke up with beast’s huge claw marks on back’

A man who was exorcised by a priest woke up with huge claw marks on his back the morning after the eerie ceremony was conducted, a monsignor has claimed.

During an exorcism, a religious figure – in this case a monsignor – will usually attempt to draw out evil spirits that are supposedly inhabiting a possessed person.

And speaking on the Best of Coast to Coast podcast, exorcist Monsignor Stephen Rossetti set out a frightening story about what can happen to participants after a ceremony.

“We had one person who woke up in the morning with what looked like a claw mark on their back,” he explained.

“It looked like a huge beast took their claws and raked across their back.

An exorcist and monsignor has revealed what takes place in an exorcism ceremony

“Five claw marks about two feet long and about two inches wide and it looked really ugly.”

The monsignor did attempt to reassure listeners by explaining that this isn’t a normal consequence of every ceremony.

He continued: “There are all different degrees of possession.

“The fully possessed people usually start thrashing pretty badly. Lesser cases, there will be some demonic reaction but it’s not quite as extreme.”

A demon with huge claws
A man woke up with huge, two foot long claw marks on his back after an exorcism, a monsignor has claimed

But, the monsignor explained that changes to physical appearance can often be taken as a sign of possession.

“That’s one thing I’ll ask people who say they are possessed. I’ll say ‘well do you have any usual bruises or scratches?’ And many times, the possessed will,” he said.

Exorcism scenes have been popularised by high-budget horror films, and though the monsignor described the famous Exorcist film as “a bit Hollywood”, he suggested that there is some truth to the movie’s disturbing scenes.

An exorcism book
The monsignor explained how exorcists work in teams to help possessed people

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“Sometimes people scream and sometimes you’ll hear a satanic voice coming forward,” he claimed.

The monsignor described how these exorcism ceremonies can last for up to two hours and usually take place in a “quiet chapel” where religious figures do not work alone.

“We work in teams, we also have a group of laypeople, who are prayer warriors, spiritual directors, and restrain the person if needed – for their safety,” he said.

“Most of the time the person is seated, but if they’re going to really start thrashing badly, we’ll sometimes start them lying on a mat or they can even be restrained from the beginning.”

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